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Wake up the mind and senses with our fresh and healthy morning offerings. Try our delicious low-fat muffins, scones and loaves baked every morning by our in-house pastry chef. Our offerings range from fresh cut fruit & pastries to warm breakfast sandwiches & full breakfast buffets. We serve is only the finest hot beverages from the locally owned 49th Parallel Coffee and “T” Teas



Baker’s Fare 3.75 pp
Fresh baked muffins, scones, croissants, pain au chocolat, danish & house loaves. Served with butter (jam upon request).

Petit Muffins 3.00 pp
Fresh baked mini muffins, in selection of flavors (2 pcs per serving).


Morning Meeting Platter – Continental (minimum 6 servings) 8.75 pp
Our Baker’s Fare with a platter of seasonal local & tropical fruit.

Fruit Skewers (2 skewers per serving) 5.00 pp

Seasonal Fruit Platter or Fruit Salad
Small (6-8 people) 45.00 | Large (10-12 people) 60.00

Gluten Free Breakfast 9.50 pp
House crafted Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Loaf &  Fruit Plate

Parisian Platter (minimum 6 servings) 11.00 pp 
Gourmet Cheeses & Black Forest Ham with Croissant, Fresh Baguette rounds, Pain au Chocolat, Grapes and Strawberries

West Coast Breakfast Platter (minimum 6 servings) 12.00 pp
Wild Smoked Salmon, Red Onion, Capers & Whipped Cream Cheese with fresh Croissants & Fresh Baguette Rounds


Breakfast Quiche (by the pan)  40.00 ea
One Quiche provides 6 Servings. –  multiples of 6 per flavor

Breakfast Frittata (by the pan)  50.00 ea
One Frittata provides 8 Servings. (gluten free) – multiples of 8 per flavor

Flavors available for Quiche & Frittata:
– Herb, Sun dried Tomato, & Goat Cheese
– Smoked Salmon & Dill
– Denver Ham – peppers, onions & mixed cheeses
– Mediterranean Veggie, Feta, hint of lemon

Mini quiches and frittatas available ( min. 2 dozen per flavor)  2.50 ea

Breakfast Wraps 8.50 pp

Choice of ham, bacon or vegetarian with house made salsa and sour cream

Breakfast Brioche 9.50 pp
Buttery goodness with 2 eggs, cheese & tomato with a choice of ham, bacon or vegetarian

Breakfast Biscuits 8.50 pp
Choice of ham, bacon or vegetarian on Edge crafted whole wheat biscuit (gluten-free bread available for $2.00 extra)


Breakfast spreads can be customized for any group and budget. Some options:

Edge Spread (minimum order 15)     18.00 pp
Fresh Herb Scrambled eggs (portioned 2.5/pp), bacon (portioned 2.5/pp) and sausage (portioned 1/pp), and oven roasted Edge potatoes served with fresh baked Signature Mini Muffins.

Yukon Spread (minimum order 15)    20.00 pp
Fresh Herb Scrambled eggs (portioned 2.5/pp), bacon (portioned 2.5/pp) and sausage (portioned 1/pp), and oven roasted Edge potatoes served with our fresh baked Signature Mini Muffins and a selection of fresh-cut fruit.

Tradesmen Spread (minimum order 15) 24.00 pp
Fresh Herb Scrambled eggs (portioned 4/pp), bacon (portioned 4/pp) and sausage (portioned 2/pp), and oven roasted Edge potatoes served with our fresh baked Mini Danish and Baguettes with butter & jam, as well as fresh cut orange wedges.

  • optional ” 1/2 potatoes ., 1/2 grilled tomatoes”  add 1.00 pp

Add Fresh Brewed local 49th Parallel Coffee and selection “T” Teas for additional $2.50 per guest.  Wake up the tastebuds with a selection of fresh juices available.


Individual Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Cups 5.75 pp
Seasonal Fruit and Low-Fat Yogurt

Individual House-Made Granola & Yogurt Cups 5.50 pp

Individual Fresh Fruit Salad Cups 5.75 pp

“BYO”  bowls of yogurt, granola & fruit salad available  $ 5.75 pp.



Assorted Beverages  2.50 ea.

Pop, Juice, Edge Bottled Water, San Pellegrino Sparkling Water, Flavored San Pellegrino

Small Coffee & Tea Service  38.00 (12 cups)

Large Coffee & Tea Service  75.00 (25 cups)

49th Parallel Coffee & “T” Tea – Includes: hot water, selection of ” T” teas,  milk, cream, assorted sugar, cups, stir sticks

Citrus infused Ice Water Dispenser  15.00    – includes compostable cups

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