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Cocktail Style

Cocktail receptions don’t have to be formal affairs…

…they can be created for any occasion and time of day.  From elegant canapés and presentation platters to casual fare such as our fabulous sliders and skewers, our menus can be tailored to the nature of your event


Prices range from $36 per dozen • minimum 2 dozen per canapé.

Contact us for your custom designed menu and quote – some selections only available for staffed events and not suitable for drop-off orders. Menu prices reflect food only –  service staff, rentals, gratuities and taxes are in addition.

* served warm (w).



  • Seasoned beef carpaccio, caramelized onion,  horseradish crème fraiche, rosemary sprig on mini yorkshire (w)
  • Seasoned carpaccio of beef , fresh horseradish puree, pea shoot, brioche toast
  • Seasoned carpaccio of beef , beet root compote,  brioche toast
  • Braised beef short rib, caramelized pear and bleu cheese, herb gougere (w)
  • Beef chuck with crumb bleu cheese and micro arugula
  • Hoisin-ginger beef rice noodle spring roll, pickled carrot, Asian dip
  • Skewer of grilled flank steak, chimchurri  marinade
  • Lamb and feta bites, microgreen (w)
  • Grilled lamb lollipop, bone in with cherry glaze


  • Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, Fontana cheese on phyllo tart (w)
  • Proscuitto, pear, fig and brie tart (w)
  • Pumpernickel toast with pumpkin and prosciutto, pistachio dusting
  • Shaved prosciutto and sweet pea puree on crostini
  • BBQ pulled pork in apple cup, microgreen
  • Chorizo sausage cup, red pepper mousse and scallion (w)


  • Cranberry crusted turkey breast, creamy mash potato, savory short bread, cranberry chutney
  • Skewer of smoked chicken with balsamic fennel
  • Lemongrass chicken stick with mint jus
  • Skewer of traditional Indian butter chicken, raita, cilantro


  • Bacon scallop cup, bib lettuce, avocado
  • Lobster croquette (w)
  • Nori crusted local albacore tuna loin, sesame,  wasabi aioli, scallion, crispy wonton
  • Sea salt crusted local albacore tuna loin, lemon pepper, tomato chutney, parmesan crisp
  • Crisp potato cake, dill and lump fish caviar
  • Madras curry prawn and pineapple skewer, cilantro
  • Lime cured wild sockeye salmon, ginger yogurt, lime peel, potato crisp
  • Beetroot cured wild sockeye salmon and fennel on bellini
  • Dungeness crab cake, spicy aioli, microgreens (w)
  • Dungeness crab salad in wonton spoon
  • Sugar cured trout, dill creme fraiche, beet chip


  • Tomato, olive tapenade and goat cheese tart (w)
  • Wild mushroom, mascarpone, balsamic drizzle, chive puff medallion (w)
  • Caramelized onion, balsamic drizzle, microgreens, puff tartlet (w)
  • Crispy fried polenta, pesto, pine nuts and parmesan
  • Sauteed fingerling potato, tarragon, crispy caper (w)
  • Crispy fried brussel sprout and pomegranate glaze in spoon
  • Pear and gorgonzola phyllo parcels (w)
  • Cranberry, goat cheese, basil puree,  pepper shortbread
  • Smoked mozzarella phyllo parcels, fig and honey compote (w)
  • Sautéed cheese ravioli with butternut sage sauce (w)
  • Red and yellow beet, goat cheese, arugula rice wrap
  • Cherry tomato, caramelized onion, balsamic drizzle, basil pure puff tart (w)
  • Mini quiche – Spinach, sundried tomato, feta – Wild mushroom Goat cheese
  • Arancini Risotto Balls – (w)
    •        squash and sage with goat cheese whip
    •        marguerite with marinara sauce
    •        wild mushroom with goat cheese whip


(aka. gourmet grilled cheese)
* chef presented, grilled on site

  • Aged cheddar and bacon
  • Pear and brie (v)
  • Classic 3 cheese
  • Braised short rib and bleu cheese
  • Festive turkey and swiss


*chef presented  – shot glasses built on site

  • Creme du
  • Milk blanched cauliflower, chive evoo, thyme butter rye crostini
  • Tomato, basil, olive oil drizzle, basil crostini

For Afternoon Cocktail Party (2-4 hours)
Suggested Serving of 6 – 8 per guest

For Pre-Dinner Hors d’oeuvres (1-2 hours)
Suggested Serving of 4 – 6 per guest

Hor d’oeuvres instead of Dinner (4-6 hours)
Suggested Serving of 10 – 15 per guest


EdgeCeptional Reception Platters

(S) Small 10-15 guests, (M) Medium 15-25 guests, (L) Large 25-35 guests

Baked Brie Round
Warm Baked brie surrounded in puff pastry  – choose from Fig and balsamic OR Caramelized Pear & Cranberry.  Served with crisps, crostinis and crackers.

Seafood Presentation – chef manned
Smoked and fresh oysters, citrus poached prawns, cedar plank salmon, white wine and shallot steamed mussels, bay shrimp and clams. Served with creamy dill dip, lemon and caper seafood cocktail.


Mediterranean Antipasto Presentation

Selection of cured Italian meats, specialty sausage, grilled and fresh vegetable crudite, complemented with savoury dip.  Served with crackers and crostinis.

International Cheese Board
Selection of imported and domestic cheeses with fruit garnish served with crostini and crackers.

Charcuterie Board
Array of cured Italian meats, specialty sausages, chorizo, pate, chutneys and compotes with crackers and crostinis.

Beautiful BC Platter

Selection of “local” cheeses, charcuterie, pate, Indian candy and dried fruits from various regions of our beautiful province.

Grilled and Fresh Vegetable Bouquet
Marinated grilled & fresh Vegetable selections finished with savoury house dip.

Vegetable Crudité

Fresh vegetable platter with savoury house dip.

Trio of Party Dips

Served with tortilla crisps, grilled pita, crostinis and crackers. Choose 3 selections:  Roast Red Pepper and Herb, Olive Tapenade, Caramelized Onion, Traditional Hummus, Salsa Fresca.


Zorba the Greek

Lamb keftetes, souvlaki chicken skewers, feta stuffed peppers, an assortment of olives, hummus, tzatziki and grilled pita.

Back to Bombay

Butter chicken skewers, madras curried prawns, vegetarian samosas, cucumbers, tamarind chutney, ginger mint yogurt and grilled naan.

Trek to Morocco

Marrakesh chicken skewers, Moroccan beef kebabs, spinach and cream cheese “briouats” (filo parcels), olive tapenade, harissa yogurt, dried apricots, fresh bunch carrots and grilled pita.

Tex Mex

South-western rubbed prawns, chipotle chicken skewer, fresh guacamole, black bean salsa fresca, feta stuffed jalapeno poppers with tortilla crisps.


Thai chicken satay, peanut sauce, soy ginger prawns, vegetarian spring rolls, spicy plum sauce and Asian pickled carrots.

Pacific Rim Seafood

Seared rare albacore tuna loin, beet-root cured salmon, Indian candy, glazed scallops and grilled prawns

Sushi Presentation

An assortment of seafood and vegetarian maki, served with wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce and chopsticks.  (Minimum of 60 pieces).


Flank Steak

AAA beef flank steak, slow roasted to medium rare, thinly sliced and served with horseradish fraiche, chimichurri, caramelized onions and mini buns.


Double-smoked boneless ham, thinly sliced and served with dijon and grainy mustards, pear chutney and mini buns.

Roasted Turkey

Oven-roasted turkey, sliced and served with sage mayo, cranberry orange compote and mini buns.


Mini Sliders with House made Relishes & accompaniments

  • Edge Beef with Smoked Cheddar,  Red Pepper Relish and arugula
  • Edge Made Veggie ,  Red Pepper Relish and arugula
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon with Fresh Fruit Salsa
  • Pulled Pork with tangy slaw
  • Beef Short Rib and bleu cheese fraiche, crispy onion
  • Lamb and feta

Artisan Flatbreads

  • Tuscan style Chicken
  • Chorizo and Roasted Red Pepper
  • Mediterranean Veggie and Feta
  • Wild Mushroom Goat cheese

served with dipping sauce

  • Greek Chicken: oregano, lemon, garlic, tzatziki
  • Moroccan Chicken: with harissa yogurt
  • Indian Chicken: Fabulous Butter chicken with raita
  • Thai Chicken Satay: with spicy peanut sauce
  • Grilled Argentine Flank Steak with Chimichurri
  • Caprese – cherry tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil, balsamic reduction (V)


Here is an option for a cocktail style reception to consider…

From $42.00 per person *

Menu prices reflect food only, service staff, rentals, gratuities and taxes are in addition.


  • Choice of 6 Chef created passed canapes
  • International cheese board with signature crostinis and crisps, artisan crackers with fruit accompaniment
  • Charcuterie presentation – select local meats, sausages, pates, chutneys
  • Marinated grilled  summer vegetable bouquet with savory dip
  • Selection of Skewers  – Indian butter chicken, Mediterranean inspired chicken, grilled flank steak, satay prawn, market vegetable with house inspired sauces, grilled crisps and signature crostinis
  • West Coast seafood station: presentation of cedar planked local BC wild sockeye salmon, double maple candied, citrus poached lemon prawns, grilled scallops, wine poached local clams and island mussels, house accoutrements
  • Chef manned Slider Stop: selections of mini burger offerings in Petit brioche buns ranging from beef and Bleu, grilled herb chicken, ground NZ lamb and feta, Asian inspired seared tuna, house made veggie with perfectly paired accompaniments crafted by Chef himself ( see other optional stations below)
  • Market Garden Patch: offerings of leafy seasonal greens, crisp romaine, kale & feta, crisp vegetable crudité, toasted nuts and seeds, house vinaigrettes, create a magical mix of healthy goodness
  • Dessert Decadence: house hand crafted dessert Petit fours, Chef featured dessert selections with seasonal fruit and locally picked berry presentation




What better option than ” a little of this, a little of that” ! seems the trend is moving in this direction for smaller quantities but more variety,  Combined with Canapes, platters and small plates, this is what we call a “fork friendly experience”  No knife required and no need for sit down, standing cocktail tables encourage lots of mix & match and great mingling!  Any small plate is possible, really just a version of a larger meal.  Here’s some of our most popular ones providing 3-4 bite plates…

  • Beef Yorkies –  slowly “fork friendly” braised beef with merlot demi glace, garlic smashed Yukon gold potato, caramelized squash and carrots all in a mini yorky – comfort at it’s best!
  • Turkey Dinner– doesn’t have to be Christmas. Oven roasted turkey, savory stuffing, buttermilk mash and roasted yams.  Ok we won’t hold back the cranberry chutney either!
  • Roast Chicken – Sounding like Sunday’s Roast dinner? …savory roasted garlic confit chicken thighs, crisp herb potatoes and caramelized bunch carrots with garlic jus, mmmmmm….
  • Salmon  – Wild Pacific salmon with lemon Beurre blanc, citrus and thyme rice pilaf , buttery carrots and spring asparagus
  • Pork Belly –  5 spice braised pork belly, chow mein noodles, stir fry veggies, wok prepared
  • Back to Bombay – Our signature butter chicken in tomato creme, basmati rice and grilled naan with raita.  Authentic and amazing – one of our most asked for items!
  • Tuscan Veggie – medley of grilled Mediterranean style veggies with sundried tomato risotto cake and foccacia wedge

Let’s discuss your own unique plate creation!


Fun, integrated and “build your own options” be the master of your own plate destiny!  Ask your Edge Planner for a custom menu and pricing, minimum of 25 guests

  • Sliders: enjoy the classics such as Edge beef, short rib & bleu with crispy onion, Hickory smoked BBQ chicken & pulled pork with tangy slaw just to name a few served in a warm buttery brioche bun – add some “spuds to make it complete”  burger night!
  • Spuds:  including poutine style wedges and twice baked with all the fun accompaniments
  • Tacos:  soft and hard shell taco shells, fill em’ up with ground warm meats, veggies, sauces, salsas and all the toppings you can imagine
  • Asiana; asian marinated chicken, pork,  prawns, Shanghai noodles, medley of crisp Asian style vegetables wok prepared in front of your eyes
  • PHO: take yourself to the truly ethnic experience with customized Vietnamese Pho in a bowl with all of the fresh accompaniments.  Ask for more details from your Edge Planner
  • Pasta; either “BYO” or chef prepared in front of your eyes with special sauces and all of the additions to make a master meal
  • Skewers; array of offerings including chicken, beef, prawn, salmon and vegetarian.  Sizzle served hot with Mason jar selection of dips and customized sauces.  Enjoy a offering of market fresh vegetable crudite and savory dips.
  • Grilled Cheese & Soup Shots:  one of our most popular stations, including a variety of grilled cheese combos right from the pan from Chef  and soup pairings such as tomato basil & creme du mushroom.  Served in espresso cups and saucers
  • Seafood; sky’s the limit with this from our local bounty.  Offerings such as prawns, tuna, oysters and customized platters.  Built for your specific tastes and budget.
  • Dessert S’Mores;  toast your own s’more concoction, just like being at the backyard campfire
  • Dessert Gelato Bar: one of our most popular options especially for wedding dessert stations.  Selection of local Mario’s Gelato and Sorbets, decadent sauces, fresh berries, fruit compotes and fun toppings such as M&M’s “Skor Bars”, toasted coconut, Oreo crumbs, and whatever other fun toppings may come to mind.  Completely customized, ask for pricing


  • Late night selections include: artisan pizzas, gourmet popcorn station, house crafted flatbreads, mini hot-dog stand, BBQ’d pulled chicken and pork sliders , grilled cheese & soup shots – create your own station!

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