Chef Small Plates and Action Grazing Stations

Chef Small Plates and Action Grazing Stations

Event styles are trending to interactive engagement such as Chef stations and small plate dinners.   Your guests can enjoy the benefits of a full meal but with more variety and a varied culinary experience.  Allow us to design the perfect combination of small plates, grazing platters and canapés that beautifully suits your special occasion.

Chef Small Plates

What better way to eat than having a little bit of this, and a little bit of that?  The trend is moving in this direction for smaller quantities but more variety.  Combined with canapes, platters and small plates, you get a fork friendly cocktail experience that encourages mixing and matching and great mingling! Any small plate is possible, but here are some of our most popular ones providing 3-4 bites per plate…

Beef Yorkies

Slow braised beef with merlot demi glace, garlic smashed Yukon gold potato, caramelized squash and carrots all in a mini Yorkshire pudding – comfort at it’s best!

Turkey Dinner

It doesn’t have to be Christmas. Oven roasted turkey, savory stuffing, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and roasted yams. Ok, we won’t hold back the cranberry chutney either!

Roast Chicken

Just like Sunday’s roast dinner! Savory roasted garlic confit chicken thighs, crisp herb potatoes and caramelized bunch carrots with garlic jus, mmmmmm….


Wild Pacific salmon with lemon beurre blanc, citrus and thyme rice pilaf, buttery carrots and spring asparagus

Pork Belly

Wok prepared 5 spice braised pork belly, chow mein noodles, stir fry vegetables,

Back to Bombay

Our signature butter chicken in tomato creme, basmati rice and grilled naan with raita. Authentic and amazing – one of our most asked for items!

Tuscan Vegetables

A medley of grilled Mediterranean style vegetables with sundried tomato risotto cake and foccacia wedge

Let’s discuss your own unique plate creation!

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Chef Action Grazing Stations

Fun, integrated and “build your own options” be the master of your own plate destiny! Ask your Edge Planner for a custom menu and pricing, minimum of 25 guests


Enjoy the classics such as Edge beef, short rib & bleu with crispy onion, Hickory smoked BBQ chicken & pulled pork with tangy slaw just to name a few served in a warm buttery brioche bun – add some “spuds to make it complete” burger night!


Including poutine style wedges and twice baked with all the fun accompaniments Tacos: soft and hard shell taco shells, fill em’ up with ground warm meats, veggies, sauces, salsas and all the toppings you can imagine


Asian marinated chicken, pork, prawns, Shanghai noodles, medley of crisp Asian style vegetables wok prepared in front of your eyes


Take yourself to the truly ethnic experience with customized Vietnamese Pho in a bowl with all of the fresh accompaniments. Ask for more details from your Edge Planner


Either “BYO” or chef prepared in front of your eyes with special sauces and all of the additions to make a master meal


Array of offerings including chicken, beef, prawn, salmon and vegetarian. Sizzle served hot with Mason jar selection of dips and customized sauces. Enjoy a offering of market fresh vegetable crudite and savory dips.

Grilled Cheese & Soup Shots

One of our most popular stations, including a variety of grilled cheese combos right from the pan from Chef and soup pairings such as tomato basil & creme du mushroom. Served in espresso cups and saucers


Sky’s the limit with this from our local bounty. Offerings such as prawns, tuna, oysters and customized platters. Built for your specific tastes and budget.

Dessert S’Mores

Toast your own s’more concoction, just like being at the backyard campfire

Dessert Gelato Bar

One of our most popular options especially for wedding dessert stations. Selection of local Mario’s Gelato and Sorbets, decadent sauces, fresh berries, fruit compotes and fun toppings such as M&M’s “Skor Bars”, toasted coconut, Oreo crumbs, and whatever other fun toppings may come to mind. Completely customized, ask for pricing

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Late Night Snacks and Other Options

Late night selections include: artisan pizzas, gourmet popcorn station, house crafted flatbreads, mini hot-dog stand, BBQ’d pulled chicken and pork sliders , grilled cheese & soup shots – create your own station!

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