The Phone Call

Chances are you have scoured our website and we’ve peaked your interest! The decision to pick up the phone and find out exactly how this works has been made. Catering is a distinct experience from other food services and we’ll walk you through exactly what you should expect.

The Meeting

let’s get to know each other! At Edge Catering, we value the opportunity of face to face meetings. Hearing about your vision and priorities, favorite dishes, and special moments that the both of you want to share with your guests is our priority.  

The Proposal Part Two

After we’ve talked about what your special day will look like and decided on your menu and all the components that go with it, we will put forth our proposal. We will eagerly await to hear you say “Yes” so we can start our culinary journey together!

The Site Inspection

A site inspection is helpful (when possible) so everyone is on the same page with event logistics and expectations and helps us get an even clearer understanding of your vision.

The Private Tasting

We invite you to book a private tasting at our restaurant so that you fully experience our expertise, taste the quality of our cuisine and have a sneak peek into how your day will unfold.

The Big Day

Edge Catering and our talented team of experienced Chefs, servers and bartenders take care of all the details and you get to truly enjoy being catered to, spending one of the most special days of your lives with each other and your friends and family!

Edge Catering...we'll
take care of you.

Photography courtesy of Butter Studios